Niles Municipal Court


Adult Probation Services is responsible to the Court for supervising offenders and alleged offenders. Standard Probation, Sex Offender, Domestic Violence, DUI, Public Service, and Support units provide these services.

If an offender is sentenced to probation supervision, the conditions imposed by the Court are monitored by the probation officer and include office visits, facilitation of treatment, urinalysis testing, and criminal record checks.

Every effort is made to help offenders change their behavior so they will not continue to break the law. If these efforts fail, violators are referred back to court for punitive action that could include jail time.

Rules of Probation

  1. You shall obey all federal, state and local laws.
  2. You shall immediately inform your probation officer of any arrest, citation or contact with a law enforcement agency.
  3. You shall not use, possess or have under your control, any controlled substance not prescribed to you by a licensed physician. Use of alcohol is prohibited if your offense is alcohol related, alcohol contributed to the offense, or the Court specifically states at time of sentencing.
  4. You shall submit to random urinalysis test as directed by your probation officer. You shall not alter or tamper your urine sample. Refusal to provide a proper sample or submitting a positive test will be brought to the attention of the Court.
  5. You shall obtain and maintain employment in a lawful occupation, and provide for the support of your dependants. You shall notify your probation officer of any change in employment.
  6. You shall report the address at which you are actually living. You shall notify your probation officer of any change in address or telephone number.
  7. You shall report to your probation officer on your scheduled reporting day.
  8. You shall not purchase, own, possess, use or have under your control any firearm, dangerous ordnance or deadly weapon as defined by O.R.C. ยง2923.11.
  9. You shall pay a minimum monthly probation supervision fee of $75.00 per month unless otherwise stated.
  10. You shall not permanently leave Trumbull County without permission from your probation officer.
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